As a young 10 year old, who lived around accounting as a future dream, it took a short 3 weeks holiday to reshape and spark a curiosity that ended as enthusiasm.

Lying in the study room was an old Windows Xp PC, dusty and clearly not in daily use. 2 days into my holiday I recall asking my Uncle if the PC works as I spent half my day walking into the study to look at it (like a spindle waiting for me to explore. But without the deep sleep of sleeping beauty to follow)

And 4 days Later I got my uncle to help set it up, also with internet access as thy had a huge satellite dish for internet. The next 2 weeks was life changing! Exploring the WWW with no limits and has fate had it, i navigated through tech platforms seeing a bunch of crap I did not understand but yet Interesting at crap level.

I knew I wanted to be about that life. 3 weeks later and My uncle said why do you want to be an accountant, try being and engineer, I smiled and my mind and head replied “I’d rather be a tech guy!”

To be Continued…