********** Password weak

********** Use at least one capital letter

******* Password to short

********* Password must contain one symbol

Finding the right password has become an extreme sport in today’s computer world. Internet security is one area we cannot downplay due to cyber awareness in the world of today.

one slip and BOOOOM you’re Hacked! 

So what’s the best way to generate a password that works? Welcome and enjoy this tips

My favorite way to construct a password is with a little Substituting Cipher.

I mean playing with numbers. You could be told 0(zero) could be replaced with an “o” and vice versa

or a 7 for a F or T…

if i was to use “numbers” as my password , i could do

N U 3 B 3 R 5

3- when turned to the side looks like an “M”

also 3- passes for an E

5- passes for an S .

There is no defined rule , if there was, It would be a risk on it’s own. So Create your own rules and use Number play to spice up a strong password, throw in some Caps to further strengthen and watch your password strength jump to 100% with the regular phrase that would have been rejected.


Stay secure #YFTG #Lordvest