Building Digital Presence For Brands

“A space a business, Individual or brands occupies online”

In the last Article, I shared on “Why Digital Presence Matters To Your Business”     

Building the online presence your brand needs is a conscious step by step checklist. One that with the right setup set’s up your brand for online success. Understanding there is competition out there, and your business could get lost in competition and multiple brands establishing web presence. The right set up for online presence gives you the edge for high fly.


  1. BRAND: Branding entails creating a unique perception of how you want your business/self to be perceived by those who interact with it. Before establishing your Digital presence , clearly define your brand, define how you want to be perceived and wish to be interacted with.  Create your proper Vision-Product-Persona/Characteristics-Unify the brand details and formalize it all.
  2. GO ONLINE: After a proper whiteboard branding and uniforming, Next step is to go online, define what platform you wish to establish your web/Digital presence and with your branded Uniform identity. Make your identity streamlined and connected to maintain identity
  3. COMPETE: The digital world is full of brands, persons like a busy street, you stand out by being competitive. Best way to be competitive in a digital space is to give value, create content that gives value and let people benefit from being in tune with your brand’s presence.
  4. BUILD RELATIONSHIP: As you begin to grow in presence and value, you begin to have relationships with people who interact with your brand in various way, create content and build a relationship that forms loyalty.
  5. CONSISTENCY: Stay consistent in maintaining your digital presence and keeping your reach audience informed with value and content.


Your digital Presence matters, and your brand matters, stay creative. #YFTG