Building Digital Presence For Brands “A space a business, Individual or brands occupies online” In the last Article, I shared on “Why Digital Presence Matters To Your Business”      Building the online presence your brand needs is a conscious step by step checklist. One that with the right setup set’s up your brand for online success. Understanding there is competition out there, and your business could get lost in competition and multiple brands establishing web
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Why Digital Presence Matters To Your Brand Do I really need it? or it’s just Hoax Several more than once, you will as a brand/business owner have a proposal, conversation, presentation that sparks your curiosity as to ask ” Do I really need this?” If you’ve ever asked your self that question when faced with a decision over a digital solutions, I’m here to help your decision easier. What Is Digital Presence Look at it
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A new year, a new journey as most will put it. For us, an opportunity to push on, for Tech another year for new innovation and disruption. There’s no standard definition of what a new year should or should not be. But one thing we all look forward to is progress and growth. and the Favorite Tech Guy Train seeks to move forward and grow one day , one client at a time. HAPPY NEW
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********** Password weak ********** Use at least one capital letter ******* Password to short ********* Password must contain one symbol Finding the right password has become an extreme sport in today’s computer world. Internet security is one area we cannot downplay due to cyber awareness in the world of today. one slip and BOOOOM you’re Hacked!  So what’s the best way to generate a password that works? Welcome and enjoy this tips My favorite way
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As a young 10 year old, who lived around accounting as a future dream, it took a short 3 weeks holiday to reshape and spark a curiosity that ended as enthusiasm. Lying in the study room was an old Windows Xp PC, dusty and clearly not in daily use. 2 days into my holiday I recall asking my Uncle if the PC works as I spent half my day walking into the study to look
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